All Kinds of Occasions

Whether it's a wedding or a divorce party...we do them all!  Book us now for your event or party.  We promise to give your party some kick!

Great for All Ages

Young or old, we've got you covered!  We run the bull based on ability so all are guaranteed a great time.   We control the bull to the point where it's safe for a small child or we can crank it up and send folks a flying!      

We Improvise

Don't let the rain get you down.  Improvise!  Patios weren't just invented to hold your furniture.  They were MADE for times such as these!  We also have tents to rent for hot or rainy days. 

Best Mechanical Bull Company

Why Buck Wild Mechanical Bulls?

Our reputation speaks for itself.  Mechanical bulls are our business...and we do it well.  We've been around for over 10 years and have a great safety record.  We are professional, very easy to work with, heavily insured, and a locally owned business to boot!  The owners operate many events as well as handle all the bookings  You will always deal with knowledgeable, experienced people when booking with us.

Our Operators Are the Best Around!

Our operators are experienced with all things mechanical bulls! Our operators truly care about each event and engage with each rider to make sure they are comfortable and enjoying their ride.  They give great pointers if asked as they are riders themselves! They will crank up the music and throw a great party!

All Mechanical Bulls Are NOT Created Equal

Be careful when shopping around with other companies. Make sure their bulls are not hard plastic.  Our bulls are fully padded and covered with a real bull hide. Hard plastic can cause serious injuries.  We have heard from our customers about the injuries they or their children received from those type of bulls.  Always ask how long they have been in business and if they are insured.  Also make sure their bulls don't run on just 110 volt power.  It just doesn't get the job done!