Q & A


Q.  Where can we set up and how much room do we need for the bull?

A.    We have, and can set up almost anywhere, garages, living rooms, front and back yards, schools, churches, etc.  All we need is a relatively flat 18’ x 18’ area with at least 12 feet of overhead clearance.

Q.  What type of power do we need?

A: We will need both a 110 and 220 volt source within 100 feet of the bull. We carry adapters for most 220 outlets with us and will make sure we have the proper connections before your event. Generators can be used but must be at least 10-kw or higher to run the bull. In certain situations we can bring a generator with us for an additional fee.

Q.  What type of liability is associated with a mechanical bull?

A:  We are proud to say that we’ve never had an accident or injury in the history of Buck Wild! However, we are fully insured in the event that anything does happen and bring liability waivers for all participants to sign. For no extra cost we can add your venue to our certificate of insurance and liability waiver to make sure you are protected as well. 

Q:  What type of crowd does a mechanical bull cater to?

A:  Our bulls cater to everyone! Young, old, big, small, born country or bred city. You’ll be surprised at how EVERYONE will get a kick out of our bulls. With 100% control of the bulls movements, we can make it barely move and shake, or we can crank it up and send folks a flying!

Q.  Where can we take our bulls?

A.   We have taken our bulls to big corporate events, grand openings, car dealerships, employee parties, city events, house parties, family reunions, bars, county fairs, kids birthday parties, adult birthday parties, convention centers, public schools, universities, retirement centers, Olympic venues, divorce parties and yes...weddings!